Mozilla Privacy Month.


I was really excited as the privacy month, i.e., January has started, I was enthusiastic, as all of the mozillians actively participating in the Privacy Campaign, I too thought to do something. I gave a paper presentation at my college CMR Institute of Technology, conducted by CSI. I, with my buddy FSA Sreeja Mithinti shared a lot of information about Privacy And Security.

I started off with a brief introduction about what is privacy and what are the risks related to internet privacy. I explained something about

  1. Pishing
  2. Pharming
  3. Spyware
  4. Malware


Later covered some points about why privacy matters in everyone’s lives, including:

  • Limit on Power
  • Respect for Individuals
  • Reputation Management
  • Trust
  • Control Over One’s Life
  • Freedom of Thought and Speech
  • Ability to Change and Have Second Chances.


I also covered some interesting topics including Online Tracking, Data Brokers, tools for security like Ghostery and Lightbeam for firefox.

After this, my buddy Sreeja shared much information about

  2. Cookies
  3. Digital Foot printing.
  4. Spying

She also told how to secure ourselves by securing our passwords and the use of Duck Duck Go instead of other search engines. Overall it was a very good experience to share our knowledge to the rest of the members. We were awarded with the first prize for our Paper Presentation. It was our proud moment as well as enthusiastic as we shared something very useful to the rest of them.

Here are some of our pics during our presentation.

12592422_10204879032809756_7468085843700247073_n 12644954_10204879032769755_3465669448189125027_n 12650847_10204879033329769_2731834935833361053_n 12650970_10204879034169790_854531669396777577_n12654545_10204879032329744_6288273786056968639_n 12654643_10204879033849782_8775368151662392301_n    12645164_10204879033809781_3894905100321330234_n 12669508_10204879032849757_7276974386256080271_n


We have come up with another Seminar in our college which included much more information. We, the members of CMRIT Firefox club took this initiative to spread the awareness about privacy to everyone around us through this seminar. IMG_2144

Bharat Chauhan kickstarted this session by talking about Online Privacy, and history about when did Privacy become a big concern, including the early protesters, challenges faced in the 90’s. And why, Privacy is not an option to choose, and the reasons he quoted were:

  • Need to participate in community
  • Rise of social media
  • Marketing Schemes – Targeted Advertisement
  • Websites give up user data for add revenue
  • Laws cannot keep up with technology
  • People are careless
  • The web is dangerous
    (Yes even for a common person)

He also mentioned about when did India became aware of the privacy concerns, and suggested a few alternatives to be used to be secure in the internet.

  • Chrome / Safari = Firefox
  • Dropbox = Spider oak
  • iOS/Android = Silent OS
  • WhatsApp = Cryptocat

Later, I handed the session, and made it a little interactive session by asking questions about privacy and security, and how much they mean to them. Unfortunately, I happened to notice that only a handful of them actually cared about privacy. So I took the responsibility, and taught them about why does privacy matters, in each and everyone’s lives, no matter if it’s a mere individual or a business person. I mentioned about the hacking that happened earlier in 2014 on the famous website eBay getting exposed to almost 233 million eBay accounts.

I also mentioned a few security breaches that had happened in 21st Century.

Raghavendra Abhilash handed over the session from here and finally Shared some knowledge he had on Digital Foot printing, Free basics and why free basics shouldn’t be allowed to anyone, the cons of it, as well as the causes of Foot printing.

One of the important topics Abhilash spoke was about EXIF, and how the information is extracted from EXIF and sold outside. He spread awareness about this to all of us and most of them were now scared after listening to how much everyone of us are exposed and exploited. Finally, he ended the session with the privacy features that were available in Mozilla Firefox Browser, and how Mozilla is Striving to keep the user data safe and secure, as well as sharing the knowledge and keep the everyone safe from being exploited .

Abhilash had also conducted another event in his own school, you can find the blog link here :

Here are some of the pics during our seminar.

IMG_2150 IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2145



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